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Transportable Sharps Container for a Single Syringe


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Transportable sharps container

  • Fits in travel bags, EMT cases, backpacks, briefcases and carts
  • Holds one syringe
  • Features a temporary closure, and a final locking device
  • OSHA compliant container features universal red biohazard logo
  • Extra thick polypropylene is puncture-resistant
  • Single use, dispose as biohazardous waste
  • Internal size: 1-1/8″ x 6″
  • External size: 6.37″ x 1.22″
  • 24 ea/cs

Transportable One-Syringe Sharps Container: DTSC313630

  • 24 ea/cs


What’s in the box?

Transportable One-Syringe Sharps Container, 24 ea/cs