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How are you preventing toilet plume aerosolization? 

Toilet plume occurs when flushing the toilet causes pathogen aerosolization, which allows particles travel up to three feet while airborne.

SplashBlocker is a novel clinical safeguard that protects nurses, caregivers, facility visitors, and other healthcare personnel from harmful airborne pathogens caused by toilet plume aerosolization.

Toilet Plumes

  • Uncovered toilet plumes can cause lingering exposure to harmful chemotherapy drugs, C. diff, and various Coronaviruses. 

Other plume management solutions are less effective, less environmentally friendly, and are highly costly. 


  • Reduce healthcare acquired infections (HAIs) 
  • Increase staff safety 
  • Optimize cost efficiency 
  • Ease of use 
  • Ease of cleaning 
  • Environmental benefits  


Splashblocker Toilet Plume Aerosolization Barrier Shield: SPLH935100

  • 1 each/box


What’s in the box?

SplashBlocker, 1 each/box