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Solaris UV-C Lytbot

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An innovative and effective tool that eliminates pathogens in seconds.

Did you know that up to 78% of hospital surfaces still harbor harmful pathogens after manual cleaning and disinfecting?

Solaris UV-C Lytbot is faster, more effective, and more cost efficient than traditional UV systems. Lytbot complements traditional manual disinfecting methods to eliminate as many harmful bacteria and pathogens as possible from surfaces in any environment.

3, 5, 10 minute Cycle

  • Simple cycles are 25-40% faster than competitors

Maxpulse Technology

  • High flash rate = increased disinfection efficacy against a variety of pathogens

Targeted Disinfection

  • Engineered reflector amplifies energy to high touch surfaces where 80-90% of pathogens hide

Lytbot Works Differently than Mercury UV Systems

  • UVC damages DNA, creates thymine dimers, eliminating pathogen ability to perform its cellular function

  • Pulsed UV Disintegrator – full spectrum pulsed UV light sends billions of high energy photons causing cells to overheat and rupture


Pulsed Xenon UVC Lytbot Advantages

  • No mercury, no dangerous microwaves

  • Hands-free, chemical-free

  • Easily maneuvered by one person

  • Increased efficiency, lower HAI rates

  • Cost efficient solution, rental and purchase options



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Solaris UV-C Lytbot