SDX Bucketless Mopping System

Mop System with Handle: PSDX519X60     16” Frame: PAMF519516   

21oz Reservoir Bottles: PGBR519TGN

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The most ergonomic, user-friendly bucketless mopping system in the world

  • Oversized dispensing trigger to reduce stress

  • Simple, reliable, dry valve never touches cleaning solution and is the ultimate in reliability

  • Chemical-resistant tubing ensures no leaks, even with bleach-based solutions

  • The handle top is a smooth, flattened oval, shaped to perfectly fit the palm of your hand for comfort.

  • Removable 21 oz. reservoir with 1.5” wide mouth for easy filling ensures efficiency for using multiple solutions

  • One-piece durable, lightweight aluminum core

The SDX Bucketless Mopping System is the most ergonomic, user-friendly bucketless mopping system in the world. 

It features an oversized dispensing trigger, a simple, reliable dry valve for improved reliability, chemical-resistant tubing to eliminate leaks, an ergonomic handle system, removable 21 oz. solution reservoirs to ensure efficiency, and a durable, lightweight aluminum core. 

Additionally, the 16″ SDX Microfiber Mop Frame features reolutionary rocker-frame technology to improve cleaning effectiveness and reduce floor-drag. 

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Grip shaped to human hand More comfortable and ergonomic for user Less repetitive-use syndrome injuries & greater satisfaction
Large trigger requiring low pressure to activate Allows full hand to activate trigger Reduces user fatigue and risk of repetitive use injury
Removable refill reservoir Quick refills and ability to use multiple cleaning solutions More productive and less equipment needed
Durable, light weight one-piece aluminum core Stronger than 2 piece handles, lighter than steel Improved durability and ergonomics
Dry valve technology with chemical resistant tubing Best chemical resistance of any valve available Less leaks from wear and chemicals

SDX Mop System with Handle: PSDX519X60 

  • 1 each   

16” SDX Mopping System Frame: PAMF519516

  • 1 each   

21oz SDX Reservoir Bottles: PGBR519TGN

  • 1 each   
  • Available in green and yellow 



What’s in the box?

Items sold seperately: 

SDX Bucketless Moping System with Handle, 1 each

16” SDX Mopping System Frame, 1 each

21oz SDX Reservoir Bottles, 1 each

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