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Infinite Divider Cabinet System

IDS Cabinet: F8501180JT   Replacement Box: FIDS118992   Extra Dividers: T9ED118910

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Customizable countertop storage cabinet organizes all your small supplies

  • Interlocking, stackable cabinet includes 5 trays which hold 5 removable IDS boxes
  • IDS boxes are completely customizable! Simply snap the dividers where you want them – in 1/8″ increments! You decide the number and size of each compartment (additional dividers available)
  • Each box features a sturdy handle, allowing it to function as an independent carrying case
  • Heavy-duty polypropylene construction is rust-proof, dent-proof, scratch-resistant and chemical-resistant
  • Each box comes with 16 dividers to customize for your needs and eliminate wasted space
  • Storage boxes come with two snap closures and a carrying handle
  • Clear box color allows for easy identification of contents

IDS Cabinet with 5 Trays and 5 Removable IDS Boxes with 80 Dividers: F8501180JT   

  • 1 set/cs
  • 14.5″H x 15.5″W x 15.8″D

IDS Replacement Box with 16 Dividers: FIDS118992   

  • 6 ea/cs
  • 13.5″L x 9.5″W x 2.2″D

IDS Extra Dividers: T9ED118910

  • 8 ea/pk
  • N/A


What’s in the box?

Options Include Following: 

IDS Cabinet with 5 Trays and 5 Removable IDS Boxes with 80 Dividers, 1 set/cs

IDS Replacement Box with 16 Dividers, 6 ea/cs

IDS Extra Dividers, 8 ea/pk