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Basic Chemo Spill Kit


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Designed for Quick and Safe Clean-Up of Chemotherapy Drug Spills

  • Includes heavy-duty chemo-grade PPE for full protection
  • Clean-up supplies to take care of liquids
  • Super Sani-Cloth surface disinfectant wipe with 2 minute contact time to eliminate pathogens
  • Heavy duty, extra thick chemo waste bag for additional safety
  • Helps maintain OSHA compliance and patient safety
  • Easy to use and store, in clear zip bag, with instructions included
  • 1 ea Chemo Bio-Wipe Bag
  • 1 ea Chemo Bloc® Maximum Protection Gown
  • 3 ea Absorbent Towelettes
  • 1 pr Chemo-Nitrile Gloves
  • 1 ea Fluid Impermeable Mask with Safety Shield
  • 1 ea Yellow Chemo Waste Bag with Twist Tie
  • 1 ea Super Sani-Cloth Disinfectant Wipe
  • 1 ea Sani-Hands Antibacterial Hand Towelette
  • 1 ea Set of Instructions in English and Spanish
  • 12″ x 15″ (bag)
  • 1 kit/bag


What’s in the box?

One easy-to-use chemo spill kit bio-wipe bag