We are excited to announce our new name, Lighthouse Distributor Services!

Custom Stainless Steel Vivarium Equipment


Explore our portfolio of best-in-class stainless steel vivarium equipment, or contact us to place a completely customized order to fit your facility’s needs.

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What if I need specific vivarium equipment that isn't featured above?

Don’t fret! We’ve got you covered. We’ll work by your side to make sure that your fully customized, stainless steel vivarium equipment meets all of your facility’s needs, whatever they may be.

We’re accustomed to fulfilling out-of-the-ordinary equipment requests in any shape, size, and quantity – it’s one of the things we do best!

I already have vivarium equipment, I just need covers

Terrific! Fill out the form on this page to get started on an order for completely customized autoclavable covers to protect your vivarium equipment.

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We’ll work side by side with you to create completely customized stainless steel vivarium equipment to meet your facility’s needs – whatever they may be.

Or, choose from our portfolio of already designed, best-in-class stainless steel vivarium equipment.