We are excited to announce our new name, Lighthouse Distributor Services!

Explore Our Suite of Technologies

We offer an extensive portfolio of proprietary best-in-class cleaning and disinfecting technologies, solutions, and tools in addition to several other national brands. Each of our proprietary technologies is selected following a rigorous review of its scientific merits versus competing products.

Our proprietary technologies must meet three essential criteria: 1) improve efficacy over current products; 2) allow for significant efficiency gains for our customers; 3) increase overall facility safety.

Our technologies are available to our national network of new and existing distribution partners. Our distributors are likely to be companies you already know and love. Please contact us for a full list of our technologies and for purchasing assistance.

Hard Surface Cleaners & Disinfectants 

We offer a portfolio of proprietary best-in-class cleaning and disinfecting technologies, solutions and tools in addition to several other national brands.

Explore Defender® Sporicidal Cleaner & Disinfectant, Defender ES System, and Trust™ single-use microfiber mops and wipes.

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Hard Floor Cleaning & Disinfecting

Hard floors are a common threat for pathogen transmission in any environment. Optimize floor cleanliness and safety using Defender® sporicidal cleaner and disinfectant paired with Trust™ single-use microfiber mops.

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Complete Cleaning & Disinfecting Kits

We provide an extensive and creative selection of disinfection kits, including assorted medical bags, spill kits, PPE kits, Chemo kits, and OSHA compliance kits.

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Medical Fixtures

Provide your customers the safest possible environment with an exstensive offering of medical fixtures, including exam room flags, glove rispensers, storage containers, hygiene stations, protection stations, and canister brackets.

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Waste, Sharps, Drains, Spills, etc. 

Help your customers establish a safe environment with biohazard bags, Chemo wipes, emergency spill kits, and more.

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First Aid & Safety 

We offer a variety of industry leading First Aid and Safety products, including instant cold packs, sun protection, and sterilizing prep pads designed for use on skin.

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 

In stock, in the United States, and ready to ship!
No purchase limit – order as few as 1 case, or up to 100 cases!

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Facility Equipment 

In addition to chemical cleaners and disinfectants, we also offer a growing portfolio of best-in-class cleaning and disinfecting equipment and hardware.

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Chemotherapy Solutions 

Included in our growing portfolio are products and equipment specifically designed for use with chemotherapy drugs and cleanup.

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Transform your facility’s environment into a safe, healthy, and fresh smelling space with products designed specifically for airborn use.

Explore our suite of air fresheners, purifiers, and airborn disinfectants.

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