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Personal Protective Equipment

PPE Kits

Econo PPE Kit - Kit EPPE

Personal Pandemic Kit - Kit Pan

EZ Personal Protection Kit

Face Shields

Splash Shield Lite

Splash Shield Original

CPR Pocket Mask and Face Shield


Procedure Masks:

Blue Procedure Mask

Kimberly-Clark Tecnol Procedure Mask

Adenna Harmony Procedure Mask

Molded Cone Mask

Child Face Mask

Fluid-Resistant Procedure Masks:

Kimberly-Clark Tecnol Fluidshield Mask

Adenna FluidShield Mask

Maytex Isotek Fluid-Resistant Mask

Kimberly-Clark Tecnol Fluidshield Mask with Visor

N95s and P95s:

Kimberly-Clark N95 Healthcare Particulate Respirator and Surgical Mask

N95 Healthcare Particulate Respirator and SurgicalMask

Single Use N95 Particulate Respirator Mask

3M N95 & P95 Particulate Respirator Masks

Safety Glasses

Bouton Stargaze Spectacle-Style Safety Glasses

Bifocal Safety Glasses

Disposable Caps


Exam Gloves

Nitrile Latex-Free Exam Gloves

Kimberly-Clark Purple Regular & XTRA Powder-Free Exam Gloves

Kimbelry-Clark Purple STERILE Powder-Free Exam Gloves

Kimberly-Clark Sterling Regular & XTRA Powder-Free Exam Gloves

Kimberly-Clark Sterling STERILE Powder-Free Exam Gloves

Kimberly-Clark Lavender Powder-Free Exam Gloves

Halyard Health Aquasoft Nitrile Exam Gloves

SemperSure Nitrile Powder-Free Exam Gloves

Sempermed Tender Touch Nitrile Powder-Free Exam Gloves

SemperForce Black Nitrile Powder-Free Exam Gloves

BeeSure Powder-Free Exam Gloves

Cranberry XLIM Powder-Free Exam Gloves

Adenna Miracle Powder-Free Exam Gloves, Blue

Adenna Precision Powder-Free Exam Gloves, Blue-Violet

Adenna Shadow Powder-Free Exam Gloves, Black

Adenna WNF White Powder-Free Exam Gloves

Adenna NPF Powder-Free Exam Gloves, Blue

GentleGuard Powder-Free Exam Gloves, Blue

MicroFlex FreeForm SE Powder-Free Exam Gloves

MicroFlex FreeForm EC Extended Cuff Powder-Free Exam Gloves

ChemoBloc Extended Cuff Nitrile Powder-Free Exam Gloves

Vinyl Latex-Free

Adenna Vitex Powder-Free Gloves

Adenna VPF Powder-Free Gloves

Kimberly-Clark Powder-Free Gloves

SemperCare Vinyl Powder-Free Gloves

GentleGuard Ivory Powder-Free Gloves

GentleGuard Vinyl Powder-Free Gloves


Adenna Platinum Powder-Free Exam Gloves

Adenna Gold Powder-Free Exam Gloves

Adenna Silver Powder-Free Exam Gloves

Adenna Phantom Powder-Free Black Exam Gloves

BeeSure Powder-Free Exam Gloves

BeeSure Powdered Exam Gloves

Cypress Powder-Free Exam Gloves

MicroFlex Ultra One Heavy Duty Extended Cuff Powder-Free Exam Gloves

MicroFlex SafeGrip Super Heavy Duty Extended Cuff Powder-Free Exam Gloves


Kimberly-Clark Premium Isolation Gowns

Isolation Gowns

Barrier Gown

ChemoBloc Gown

Disposable Lab Coats

Disposable Coveralls

Disposable Aprons

Disposable Sleeves

Foot Protection

Shoe Protectors

Boot Protectors

PVC Boots

ErgoMates Original

ErgoMate MD

ErgoMate H2O

Patient and Exam Room Protection

Patient Exam Gowns & Capes

Professional Paper Towels & Dental Bibs

Drape Sheets

Disposable Pillowcase

Exam Room Table Paper


Disinfection and Sterilization

Surface Disinfectants


BruTab6S Sporicidal Disinfectant Concentrate Tablets

Accel Concentrate Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP) Surface Disinfectant Cleaner

Accel TB Liquid Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP) Surface Disinfectant Cleaner

Dispatch Bleach Surface Disinfectant Cleaner

CaviCide AF Alcohol-Free Liquid Surface Disinfectant Cleaner

CaviCide1 Surface Disinfectant Cleaner

CaviCide Surface Disinfectant Cleaner

EnviroCide Surface Disinfectant Cleaner

Citrus II Surface Disinfectant Cleaner

Activate Bleach Sprayer Surface Disinfectant Cleaner

SaniZide Plus Liquid Surface Disinfectant Cleaner

Surface Wipes and Brackets

Accel TB Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP) Surface Disinfectant Cleaner Wipes

Dispatch Surface Disinfectant Wipes

Super Sani-Cloth Surface Disinfectant Wipes and Bracket

Sani-Cloth AF3 Surface Disinfectant Wipes and Bracket

Sani-Cloth Plus Surface Disinfectant Wipes and Bracket

Sani-Cloth Bleach Wipes EPA Registered and Bracket

CaviWipes1 Surface Disinfectant Wipes and Bracket

CaviWipes Surface Disinfectant Wipes and Bracket

Instrument Disinfectants & Sterilants

MetriCide OPA Plus High Level Instrument Disinfectant

MetriCide 28 High Level Disinfectant / Sterilant for Instruments

ProCide-D High Level Disinfectant / Sterilant for Instruments

EmPower Foam and EmPower Enzymatic Cleaners

Sterilization Products

Kimberly-Clark KimGuard One-Step Quick Check Sterilization Wraps

Kimberly-Clark KimGuard Regular/Two-Step Sterilization Wraps

Self-Seal Sterilization Pouches

Heat Seal Sterilization Products

Sterilization Accessories

General Cleaners

Stainless Steel Cleaners

Specialty Cleaners




Citrad Detergent Concentrate



Contrad 100 Detergent Concentrate

Contrad 70 Detergent Concentrate

Contrad NF Detergent Concentrate

Contrex AL Detergent Concentrate

Contrex AP Detergent Concentrate

Contrex AW Detergent Concentrate

Contrex CA Detergent Concentrate

Contrex CF Detergent Concentrate

CPAP Mask Cleaner Sprays and Wipes

DeScal Mineral Remover



Dri-Clean Detergent Concentrate

Dri-Contrad Detergent Concentrate

ELIMINase Decontaminant

insta-Bac Drain Maintainer and Deodorizer



Micro-90 Alkaline Cleaner Concentrate

Neutrad Detergent Concentrate




Air Fresheners

Citrus II Air Freshener Sprays and Solid Odor Absorbent


Wound Care

Skin Preparation

Alcohol Prep Pads

Hygea BZK Antiseptic Towelettes

Dukal BZK Antiseptic Towelettes

Preppies Skin Barrier Wipes

Isopropyl Alcohol and Hydrogen Peroxide Bottles

Prevantics Skin Antiseptic

Cotton Balls

Cotton Rounds

Bandages & Gauze

Cohesive Bandages

CoFlex AFD Foam Cohesive Bandages with Absorbent Foam Dressing

CoFlex LF2 Foam Cohesive Bandages

CoFlex NL Cohesive Bandages

Adhesive Bandages

Curity Adhesive Bandages

Polyskin II Transparent Dressings

Curi-Strip Adhesive Wound Closures

General Bandages

Kerlix Bandages

Dermacea Bandages

Curity Abdominal Pads

Telfa “Ouchless” Non-Adherent Dressings

TubeGauz Tubular Gauze Dressings

Medical Sponges

Specialty Bandages

Curity Packing Strips

QuikClot Combat Gauze LE

Medical Tapes

General Patient Care

Curity Underpads

Sodium Chloride Bags

Tongue Depressors

Specimen Cups

Wound Cleansers

Curity Cotton Tipped Applicators

Sterile Water & Sodium Chloride Irrigation

Hot & Cold Packs

Kimberly-Clark Instant Cold Packs

Insta-Cold Compress Instant Cold Packs

Economy Reusable Hot or Cold Pack

Premium Reusable Hot or Cold Packs

Headache Ice Pillo

Pressure Point Cold Therapy Packs


Antibiotic Ointments in Single Use Packets

Surgilube Lubricating Jelly Tubes

Lubricating Jelly II Packets from PDI

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

Needles & Needle Safety

Needles with Safety Devices & Syringes

General Purpose



Needles w/Syringes

General Purpose



Needles w/Safety Devices

Needles & Cannula


General Purpose

Piston Sterile and Non-Sterile

Special Purpose

Safety Devices for Needles

Venipuncture Needle-Pro Safety Device


Blood Collection

Needle Sets

Wing Sets

Safety Sets


Universal Tube Caps

Other Phlebotomy

Latex-Free Tourniquets

Phletobomy Positioning Block

A-Line Phlebotomy Positioner

Therapy Supports & Wraps

Ankle Sleeve

PowerWrap Knee Brace

Trochanter Belt

Abdominal Binders

Ambidextrous Wrist Support

Posture Support

Medium Hot/Cold Therapy Wrap

Large Hot/Cold Therapy Wrap

Visage Head Wrap


Defibtech Lifeline Defibrillator

Bariatric BP Monitor






Skin Care

Hand Sanitizers


Avant Original Gel Hand Sanitizer

A.B.H.C. Citrus or Fresh Scent Gel

VioNex No Rinse Gel


Avant Original Foaming Fragrance Free


VioNexus Liquid Spray




VioNex Low Alcohol Towelettes

Hand Soaps

Antibacterial/Antimicrobial Gel

Aterra Antibacterial with Triclosan

VioNex Antimicrobial

Sani-Wash Antimicrobial

Antibacterial/Antimicrobial Foaming

Aterra Foaming Antibacterial with Triclosan

VioNexus Antimicrobial Foaming

General Purpose

Aterra General Purpose Gel

Aterra General Purpose Foaming

VioNexus Foaming with Vitamin E


Hygea Multi-Purpose Washcloths

NiceNClean Baby Wipes

Grime Boss Heavy Duty Hand Cleansing Wipes


SunX SPF30+

Lotion (individual pouches, bottles, wall mount dispenser and refill)

Spray (bottles)


TotalBlock SPF 65

Lip Balm (SunX and LIPCOTZ)

Insect Repellent

BugX Free DEET-Free (Individual towelettes and spray bottles)

BugX 30 - 30% DEET formula (individual towelettes and spray bottles)

Outdoor Protection Kit

Skin Relief

Anti-Monkey Butt Powder

Baby Anti-Monkey Butt Powder


BurnX Lite Cooling Gel


IvyX Pre-Contact Barrier Individual Towelettes, Spray Bottles, and Lotion

IvyX Post-Contact Cleanser Individual Towelettes and Lotion

Anti-Itch Gel Individual Pouches and Bottle


Medical Waste Disposal

Sharps Containers

Red Sharps Containers

1 Qt Transport

1.5 Qt Transport

1 Qt Phlebotomy

5 Qt Red Transparent

5 Qt Round

½ Gal Red

2 Gal Transparent

3 Gal Transparent

8 Gal Large Volume

12 Gal Large Volume

18 Gal Large Volume

Monoject Sharps System

4, 8 and 14 Qt Containers with ChimneyTop Lids

Locking Wall Cabinet and Bracket

Clear Sharps Containers

Chemo Sharps Containers

EnviroStar Green Sharps Containers

PharmaSafety Containers

RCRA Containers


1 Qt Non-Locking Bracket and Plastic Holder

5 Qt Locking Bracket

½ Gal Locking Bracket

2 Gal Locking Bracket, Non-Locking Bracket, Plastic Holder

3 Gal Locking Bracket, Non-Locking Bracket, Plastic Holder

8 Gal Locking Bracket


Locking Wall Mount Enclosures

5 Qt System

3 Gal System

Single Glove Box Holder

Mail-Away Containers

Mail Away Sharps Containers (1 Qt, 1 Gal, 2 Gal, 3 Gal)


Large Volume Containers (5 Gal, 6.5 Gal)

Drop Cones

Bags & Bag Systems

Red Biohazard Waste Bags

Specialty Bags

Stick-On Bags

Bio-Wipe Bag

Lab Specimen Transport Bags

Chemo Bags

Chemo Waste Bags

Chemo Autoclavable Bags

Chemo Transport Bag with Zip Closure

Chemo Bio-Wipe Bag

Autoclavable Biohazard Waste Bags

Hot & Cold Water Soluble Laundry Bags

Plastic Laundry & Linen Bags

Rack & Bag Waste Disposal System

Chrome Hampers

Spill Kits

Standard Emergency Spill Kit - Kit B

Econo Emergency Spill Kit - Kit BMW

Chemo Spill Kit - Kit CW

Econo Chemo Clean Up Kit - Kit ECW

RedZ and Scooper/Scraper

Universal Precaution Compliance Kit

Wall Mounted Spill Leader Kit

TakeAway Mail-Away Medication Disposal




Glove Box Holders


Stainless Steel

Powder Coat

Acrylic Side Load with Shelves


Respiratory Hygiene Stations

General Use Hygiene Stations

Basic Hygiene Station

Deluxe Hygiene Stations

Deluxe Locking Hygiene Stations

Wellness Center

Professional Protection Stations

Deluxe Professional Protection Station

Standard Professional Protection Station

Opaque Double Glove Box Protection Organizer

Triple Glove Box Protection Organizer

Triple Glove Box Protection Organizer with Clear Bulk Bins

Infection Prevention Organizer

Infection Prevention Mini-Organizer

Dental Infection Prevention Organizer

IV Poles

Basic IV Poles

IV Pitch-It Poles

Chart Holders

HIPAA Compliant Wood with Color Laminate

Wood with Color Laminate

X-Ray Wood with Color Laminate

Acrylic Contemporary

Room Flags

Indicator – Primary Colors

Indicator – Contemporary Colors

Indicator – Integrated Suites Colors

Room Status – Primary Colors

Room Status – Contemporary Colors

Room Status – Progressive Colors

Oak Wall Desk

Epinephrine Pen Cases

MediLock Healthcare Lock Kit

EyeWash and Safety Stations

Supplemental Eye Wash Stations

Portable Eye Wash Stations

Wall Mount Eye Wash Stations

Pedestal Mount Eye Wash Station

Combination Eye Wash and Drench Hose Wall Mount Station

Safety Station – Combo Eye Wash and Shower Floor Mount

Wall Mount Emergency Shower

Sanipull Vinyl Pulls

SuperSanipull RTU Pre-Measured for Patient Room Overbed Lights

SuperSanipull RTU Pre-Measured for Patient Room Nurse Call Pulls

SuperSanipull RTU Pre-Measured for Bathroom Nurse Call Pulls

Sanipull Premium Bulk Overbed Light Pulls

Sanipull Premium Bulk Nurse Call Pulls



Mobile Work Stations/Phlebotomy Carts

Laptop Mobile Workstation

Mobile Workstation with Blood Collection Tray

Mobile Workstation with Blue Utility Tray

Mobile Workstation w/Blue Phlebotomy Tray

Blood Collection Tray with Drawer

Blue Utility Tray

Blue Phlebotomy Tray

Equipment Baskets and Waste Container

Bracket for Surface Wipes

Brackets for Sharps Containers

Locking Drawers and Drawer Dividers

Undermounting Kit

Handle Accessory

Pillow Carts

Laundry Hampers



Storage Boxes

Procedure Mask Dispenser

Cone Mask Dispenser

Clear Acrylic Storage Bins

Clear Acrylic Tab and Sheet Holders

Clear Acrylic Recall Card Holder

Clear Acrylic Sticker/Label Dispenser

Transport Cases

Gear Boxes

Cases with Removable Utility Boxes

2 Compartment with Removable Tray Case

8 Compartment with 2 Tray Case

9 Compartment with 2 Tray Case

11 Compartment with 2 Tray Case

2 Drawer with 8-14 Compartments Case

3 Drawer with 21-39 Compartments Case

4 Drawer with 27 Compartments Case

5 Drawer with 53-65 Compartments Case

Tool Cases with Zerust Corrosion Inhibitor

Totes and Duffels with Zerust Corrosion Inhibitor

Drawer Liner for Tools with Zerust Corrosion Inhibitor

Infinite Divider System

IDS Cabinet

IDS Boxes

IDS Boxes with Zerust Corrosion Inhibitor Dividers

Sundry Jars & Racks


Blood Draw Chairs

Deluxe Blood Draw Chair with Flip Arm

Deluxe Blood Draw Chair w/Flip Arm, Drawer

X-Wide Blood Draw Chair with 2 Flip Arms

Blood Draw Chair with Flip Arm

Premium Stools


Smile Prints

Classic Smile

Classic Smile with Text

Whitening – Before and After

Ortho Composite with Text

Straightening – Silver Braces with Text

Straightening – Clear Braces with Text

Close-Up Smile

Orthodontic Progression Series–Clear or Silver

Smile Holograms


HIPAA Compliant Chrome Privacy Stand

ADA Compliant Signs with Braille

Integrated Suites Custom Office Signs


Specialty Products

Essential OSHA Compliance Kit

Support Pillows

Chiroflow Pillow and Pillow Protector

Tri-Core Support Pillows

CervAlign Support Pillows

Core Memory Foam Support Pillow


Testing Kits & Strips

Drug Test Cups


Value+ Rapid hCG Pregnancy Test Device

Integrated Strep A Test Kit

Urine Reagent Test Strips


PetFlex No Chew Bandages

PetFlex AFD No Chew Dressing with Bandage

Animal ID Bands

Animal Control Lead


Micro and Universal Fit Pipet Tips

Pipettor Specific Pipet Tips

Filtered Pipet Tips

Transport Vials

Cuvettes and Caps

Test Tubes

Thumb Caps

Flange Caps

Hollow Top Plug Caps

Hollow Bottom Plug Caps

Universal Caps

Chemotherapy and Infusion

Patient Home Chemo Spill Kit

Chemotherapy Compounding Spill Kit

Chemotherapy Practice Spill Kit

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