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Tubegauz is available in several widths suitable for fingers, toes and limbs. Tubegauz comes in a dispensing box - just cut the length needed.

TubeGauz in use

Tubegauz is easy to apply and is more comfortable for the patient. Above, 5/8" wide Tubegauz is applied to a finger using the Shuttlecock applicator.

TubeGauz Applicators

Optional applicators make applying Tubegauz even easier.

Tubegauz® Tubular Gauze & Applicators

Bandages That Easily Conform to Body Contours

  • Seamless tubular non-sterile 100% cotton gauze fabric, packaged in rolls of 50 yards
  • Ideal for dressing retention, simple traction and splinting, especially when dressing must closely follow body contours
  • Stays in place with little or no tape
  • Dispensing box for easy application - simply cut off the length needed
  • Variety of widths for every need:
    - 5/8" wide for small fingers and toes
    - 1" wide for large fingers and toes
    - 1-1/2" wide for arms, hands and feet
    - 3-5/8" wide for legs, thighs, head and shoulders
  • Applicators help place bandages directly on affected areas:
    - Shuttlecock applicator for fingers
    - Cage applicators for other appendages

How To Use:

  1. Insert applicator into Tubegauz.
  2. Ease the tube over the injured area.
  3. Hold Tubegauz at beginning point. Lightly pull applicator away.
  4. Twist and bring applicator down over the injured area.
  5. Repeat as necessary for additional gauze layers.

Note: Tubegauz width is measured as a flat width.

Item #



MTGG142033 5/8" W x 50 yds Tubegauz Tubular Gauze 1 ea/bx
MTGG142201 1" W x 50 yds Tubegauz Tubular Gauze 1 ea/bx
MTGG142202 1-1/2" W x 50 yds Tubegauz Tubular Gauze 1 ea/bx
MTGG142204 3-5/8" W x 50 yds Tubegauz Tubular Gauze 1 ea/bx
MTGS142909 Tubegauz Stainless Steel Shuttlecock Applicator 1 ea/bx
MTGA142910 1-1/8" diameter Tubegauz Stainless Steel Cage Applicator 1 ea/bx
MTGA142911 1-7/8" diameter Tubegauz Stainless Steel Cage Applicator 1 ea/bx



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