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Pressure Point Cold Therapy Pack used on shoulder

The 20" long pack can be manipulated to provide relief to any sore muscles

Pressure Point Therapy Pack used on neck

The 10" long pack provides relief to the neck either at room temperature or cold.

Pressure Point Cold Therapy Packs

Effectively Apply Healing Pressure to Sore Muscle Tissue

  • Pressure point therapy is a massage technique that involves applying pressure to tender muscle tissue in order to relieve pain or soreness
  • Linked therapy balls are encased in a cold therapy fill and move together within the pack to accommodate a wide variety of therapy positions
  • Packs can be used at room temperature or cooled to help with headaches and pain
  • The DualComfort cover offers both slow-release and rapid-release treatment surfaces
  • The cold fill is non-toxic and biodegradable
  • Store the packs in the freezer for convenience (do not heat in microwave)

Diagram of how to place Pressure Point Cold Therapy Packs on Spine


Position Pressure Point Cold Therapy Packs toward pressure points at the base of the neck and the skull to direct healing pressure to the optimal points




Item #




CPPT038547 Pressure Point Cold Therapy Pack 6" x 10" 6 ea/cs
CPPT038548 Pressure Point Cold Therapy Pack 6" x 20" 6 ea/cs



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