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Point-Lok Needle Safety Device

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Point-Lok® Needle Safety Device

  • Locks onto and secures a contaminated needle
  • One handed, single step - just insert the pointed tip of a used sharps device into the top of the Point-Lok® and push down, then dispose of in an approved sharps container
  • Provide effective protection for situations where an integral sharps injury protection device is not available
  • Can be used for a wide variety of needles and stylet sizes, from 16g to 30g, allowing for a standardized sharps management approach
  • Leak-resistant, airtight seal minimizes exposure to fluids
  • Wide base design maintains the device in an upright and secure position


Item #



PLSP037139 Point-Lok® Needle Safety Device 100 ea/bg, 10 bg/cs



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