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Common Questions About The OSHA Sharps Essentials Compliance Kit:

Why 3 boxes of gloves?
OSHA regulations for those who deal with blood and bodily fluids require that gloves be made available in all sizes that staff need. Properly fitting gloves protect better by not tearing (from a too-small glove), and not falling off (a too-large glove), which could expose the wearer to infectious pathogens. So, included in the Kit are Small, Medium, and Large gloves, to ensure a proper fit. (X-Large gloves can be purchased separately.)

Why is a bracket included with the sharps container?
Again, OSHA regulations. The wall-mount bracket prevents tipping and spilling of sharp needles and any blood and drugs inside, preventing the possibility of a needlestick or other exposure to pathogens and harmful drugs.

What are the Mail-Away boxes about?
Potentially infectious waste, such as protective gear and clean up items with blood or any bodily fluids on them, must not be thrown into the common trash (OSHA regulations), but must be processed by a licensed medical waste facility. The Mail-Away boxes safely ship the waste or sharps container to a proper facility. The postage is pre-paid, so there's no extra cost.

What are the RedZ and the Plastic Scooper for?
Most commonly used to clean up vomit spills, each 0.75 oz RedZ packet absorbs bodily fluids up to 25 ounces. The plastic scooper and scraper allow the user to move the crystals with the absorbed liquid into the biohazardous waste red bag or bucket safely.

Why Do We Need A Spill Kit?
The Spill Kit contains everything needed to clean up a blood spill. It contains products to protect the user, clean up the spill, disinfect the surface, and properly contain all the contaminated elements. After use, all items should be placed inside the Biohazard Waste Bucket.
- Click here to find out more about this Spill Kit.
- Click here for how to use the Bio-Wipe Bag included in this Spill Kit.


OSHA Sharps Essentials Compliance Kit

Products Every Facility Can Use To Keep Workers and Customers Safe

  • Protects staff and customers from healthcare safety hazards common in every facility, including:
    - biohazard spill clean up and disposal (blood and bodily fluids)
    - containment and disposal of used sharps (needles for insulin or epinephrine)
    - surface disinfection to help prevent the spread of flu, common colds and other transmissible diseases
  • All components are easy to use, even by staff who are not medically trained
  • All products meet federal standards for medical grade quality:
    - EPA-registered disinfectant for thorough kill of pathogens on surfaces
    - OSHA-compliant sharps container, bracket, waste disposal bags and bucket for effective protection from potentially infectious waste, and safe disposal
    - Medical grade gloves for the highest protection against pathogens and chemicals
  • All products are single use. When gloves, disinfectant wipes, and spill clean-up products are used, they should be placed in the biohazard waste bucket. When the bucket is full, the lid should be sealed and the container mailed back to the incineration facility for safe disposal.
  • When the sharps container is full (its capacity is 50-70 1cc syringes), it should be sealed and mailed back to the incineration facility for safe disposal.
  • Small quantities in the kit are ideal for infrequent use and make products easy to store
  • Replacement products available to restock as supplies are used

Essential OSHA Compliance Kit Includes (click on each item for more information):


Item #



KIT OEK OSHA Sharps Essentials Compliance Kit 1 ea/bx




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SDS for Super Sani-Cloth (inside Spill Kit)

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