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accutest iFOBT test

Accutest® iBFOBT (Immunological Fecal Occult Blood Test Strips)

  • Important aid in the diagnosis of colorectal cancer
  • Allows 2 samples to be tested on 1 test card to improve accuracy - recommended by ACA (American Cancer Association)
  • Immunoassay test specific to human hemoglobin - Sensitivity: 99.2%, Specificity: 96.7%, Accuracy: 98.3%
  • No dietary or drug restrictions
  • Easy-to-use collection materials
  • Extended stability of sample in buffer solution
  • Rapid results, easy to read
  • Cutoff is 50ng hHb/ml
  • Higher Medicare reimbursement
  • CLIA waived


Item #



JFSS243601 Accutest iFOBT Single Sample Test - includes 20 single-well test devices, 1 collection tube, 25 mailers and patient instruction card 20 ea/bx
JFSS243625 Accutest iFOBT Single Sample Test - includes 25 single-well test devices, 25 collection tubes 25 ea/bx



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