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20 - 30 Gallon Laundry and Linen Blue Plastic Bag

20 -30 Gallon Laundry and Linen Bag

40 - 45 Gallon Blue Plastic Laundry and Linen Bag

40 - 45 Gallon Laundry and LInen Bag

Plastic Laundry & Linen Bags

Heavy-Duty, High Density Blue Laundry and Linen Bags

  • Provide a safe and efficient method of handling soiled laundry and linen from the point of collection, through storage and transportation, and into final processing
  • Opaque blue color for compatibility with color-coded identification systems
  • "Soiled Linen" printed clearly in black on each bag for easy reference
  • Reinforced seams add durability and superior leak resistance
  • Made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) film
  • Conveniently packaged in rolls of 25 bags
  • Bag thickness: 14 microns
  • Single use
  • Ideal for use with the Premium Chrome Hamper (either size)


Item #




MALL142314 20-30 Gallon Blue Laundry and Linen Bag, 14 microns thick 30" x 43" 25 ea/rl, 10 rl/cs
MALL142056 40-45 Gallon Blue Laundry and Linen Bag, 14 microns thick 40" x 46" 25 ea/rl, 10 rl/cs



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