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2 GAl EnviroStar Waste Container with Hinged Lid

2 Gallon EnviroStar Waste Container

8 Gal EnviroStar Waste Container

8 Gal EnviroStar Waste Container

18 Gal EnviroStar Waste Container

18 Gal EnviroStar Waste Container

EnviroStar™ Waste Containers with Hinged Lids

  • Hinged lid provides large opening for disposal of a wide variety of sizes and shapes of sharps including, razor blades, light bulbs, broken slides, petri dishes, glass lab bottles or anything else that can cause a percutaneous tear but is not infected with a blood borne pathogen
  • Manufactured with recycled medical waste (State and Federal recommendation of Reduce, Recycle & Reuse (RRR) Program)
  • Puncture resistant-may help reduce work site injuries as a result of non-infectious sharps disposal in bags and boxes
  • Uniquely colored green containers are easily distinguishable from biohazard sharps containers
  • Disposed of with regular trash
  • Reduce waste costs by up to 88% compared to biohazard sharps waste
  • Reduces disposal costs as well as injuries for non-contaminated sharps
  • Properly labeled-easily segregate types of sharps waste on the floors and to the waste haulers


Item #



GEWC100790 2 Gallon Envirostar Waste Container 10 ea/cs
GEWC100781 8 Gallon EnviroStar Waste Container 10 ea/cs
GEWC100791 18 Gallon EnviroStar Waste Container 10 ea/cs



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