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Chemo Bio-Wipe Bag






4 Steps to Use the Bio-Wipe Bag - towelette and biohazardous waste bag in one


The Bio-Wipe Bag™

Quick, Economical Clean-Up for Biohazardous Spills

  • Provides a convenient, temporary containment vehicle for proper disposal into an approved OSHA/ASHP container
  • Reduces risk of contact with harmful chemotherapy drugs, when used with chemo-tested medical exam gloves
  • Complies with OSHA Standard 29CFR 1910.1030 for PPE.
  • Composed of a patented chemo yellow opaque polyethylene plastic bag on one side, and an absorbable pad bonded to the other side
  • Absorbent pad capacity is approx. 1/2 pint
  • Adhesive strip provides closure for safe containment and proper disposal
  • Ambidextrous mitt inside the bag provides better maneuverability
  • Made in the USA


Item #




MLBM015111C The Chemo Bio-Wipe Bag™ Bag: 11.75" x 12.13"
Towelette: 11.75" x 9"
10 ea/bx, 10 bx/cs


Easy To Use! (shown in red biohazard bag version)

1. Don appropriate chemo-tested PPE, including double gloves on both hands. Insert gloved hand into the built-in ambidextrous mitt inside the Chemo Bio-Wipe Bag.



2. Absorb the substance with the white highly absorbent towel side of the bag.




3. Pull the bag (absorbed with the substance) inside out. After decontaminating and disinfecting the surface, place used supplies inside the bag.



4. Peel the white adhesive strip off the bag. Seal and dispose of in a properly labeled chemotherapy / hazardous drugs waste container.


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