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Tool Brute Case opened

Zerust Tool Brute Case, Opened

Tool Brute Case, closed

Zerust Tool Brute Case, Closed

Zerust Dry Box, opened

Zerust Dry Box, opened

Zerust Dry Box Closed

Zerust Dry Box, closed


Zerust® Corrosion Inhibiting Tool & Utility Cases

Built-In Corrosion Inhibitor Protects Tools and Supplies

  • Patented corrosion inhibitor is molded directly into heavy-duty plastic construction
  • Emits a harmless, odorless vapor which forms a protective layer around metal objects during storage
  • Inhibits rust and corrosion for up to 5 years
  • Durable latches
  • Tool Brute Case includes lift-out tray, and tongue-in-groove construction to add strength and keep out water
  • Dry box includes lift-out tray, O-ring sela to keep contents dry, and flip top lid for easy access to frequently used items
  • 7 Tray Hip Roof Case includes up to 59 divisible compartments with bulk storage in the base, plus tongue and groove construction to add strength and keep out water

Nails in water without Zerust are rustyNails in water with Zerust do not rust

Without Zerust / With Zerust
Test performed with distilled water and Zerust capsule submerged 48 hours prior to added metal.

Item #




FZBS11887Z 14" Zerust Tool Brute Case with Lift-Out Tray 13"L x 4.25"H x 5.375"D 6 ea/cs
FZBM11818Z 17" Zerust Tool Brute Case with Lift-Out Tray 14.5"L x 6"H x 6.125"D 2 ea/cs
FZBL11820Z 20" Zerust Tool Brute Case with Lift-Out Tray 18.125"L x 7.125"H x 6.5"D 4 ea/cs
FZDB11830Z 14" Zerust Dry Box with Lift-Out Tray 13"L x 7.25"H x 6.75"D 4 ea/cs
FZHB11859Z 7 Tray Zerust Hip Roof Case 18"L x 10.25"H x 10.5"D 2 ea/cs

Zerust 7 tray Hip Roof Case, openedZerust 1 Tray Hip Roof Case, closed

Zerust 7 Tray Hip Roof Case, opened (left) and closed (right)


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