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Undermounting Kit for Attaching Accessories to the Upper Pole of Mobile Workstation

Each kit contains two pieces, to undermount one Drawer or two other accessories.
(Drawers feature two circular pole attachments. All other accessories feature one circular pole attachment.)

Drawer undermounted under the writing surface on the Mobile Workstation

Drawer undermounted under writing surface on Mobile Workstation

Undermounting Kit for Mobile Workstation Accessories

Maximize Space on Your Cart

  • Allows accessories to securely attach to the upper, narrower pole
  • Easy to install - fits inside the circular pole attachment portion of the accessory's bracket
  • Recommended especially for drawers, allowing them to be mounted under the writing surface at a more convenient height
  • Can be used for all cart accessories: baskets, waste containers, sharps containers and drawers


Item #



CPLG060PHL Undermounting Kit 2 pieces/kit, 1 kit/pkg



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