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Single Standard Laundry Hamper

The Single Standard Laundry Hamper is ideal for small volume and tight spaces. Shown assembled with reusable leakproof fabric laundry bag (bag not included with hamper).

Double Standard Laundry Hamper

The Double Standard Laundry Hamper allows fro convenient collection of multiple types of soiled laundry. It saves space by combining two bag holders into one cart (bags not included with hamper).


Standard Laundry Hampers

  • Features a connector piece, allowing for connection of several hampers to collect multiple types of items, including hazardous and non-hazardous laundry, trash and recycling
  • Constructed of high quality PVC
  • Frame is easily disinfected, and bag is removable for machine washing
  • Ergonomically designed cart allows bag to be removed by pulling forward, not up, to reduce staff back injuries
  • Deluxe 3" casters
  • Can be used with disposable or reusable bags (bags not included with cart)
  • Easy lift lid keeps odors in
  • Optional easy-use reusable fabric bag is leakproof and features fold-over flap to keep full bag closed once removed, for safe transport to laundry area
  • Grasp loops on bag allows for easy handling


Item #




CHSS060310 Single Standard Laundry Hamper (bag not included) 20"L x 36"H x 15"D 1 ea/cs
CHSD060320 Double Standard Laundry Hamper (bag not included) 22"L x 36"H x 22"D 1 ea/cs
CHSB060985 Reusable Leakproof Fabric Bag for Standard Laundry Hamper (either Single or Double), Sky Blue 36"L x 24"H 1 ea/cs

Standard Single Laundry Hamper without bag












Both single and double hampers features open slot(s) in front for easy, ergonomic bag removal.




Standard Laundry Hamper features a collector to train multiple hampers together




Integral connector piece allows multiple hampers to "train" together.


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