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Activate Bleach Sprayer

Activate Bleach Sprayer
with spray head, reusable water cartridge (left) and disposable bleach cartridge (right)

Activate Bleach Sprayer Kit

Activate Bleach Sprayer Starter Kit
includes 2 spray heads, 2 reusable water cartridges and 6 disposable bleach cartrdige refills

Activate™ Bleach Sprayer

No More Mixing Bleach! Automatically Mixes a 10% Solution Every Time!

  • Convenient Activate Bleach Sprayer automatically mixes and dispenses 5.25% sodium hydrochlorite (bleach) with tap water at a 9:1 ratio of water to bleach, to produce a 5000 ppm bleach disinfectant and sterilant for institutional use on hard, non-porous surfaces
  • EPA registered broad-spectrum disinfectant bleach is approved to kill C. difficile spores in 4 minutes
  • Pre-filled bleach cartridges have a special pre-calibrated valve at the top that ensures a perfect 10% bleach mixture
  • Activate Bleach Sprayer keeps the bleach separate from the water until you spray, so the 10% solution is always fresh and effective when you squeeze the trigger
  • Economical - each bleach cartridge makes 1 gallon of 10% solution, and saves money on product, freight and plastic waste
  • Water cartridge is easily refilled at your faucet and is held securely to the sprayer by the unique locking tab at the base of the sprayer
  • Bleach is the only disinfectant proven to kill C. difficile spores

EPA-Registered Label Kill Times:
HIV-1: 30 seconds
HBV: 30 seconds
MRSA: 2 minutes
Bacteria: 2 minutes
C. difficile spores: 4 minutes

Item #



MLCS00060C Activate Complete Bleach Sprayer
Includes Bleach Sprayer Head, Water Cartridge (empty) and 11 oz 5.25% Institutional Bleach Cartridge
1 ea/bx
DFSK162062 Activate Complete Bleach Sprayer 6+2 Starter Kit
Includes 2 ea. Bleach Sprayer Heads, 2 ea. Water Cartridges (empty) and 6 ea. 11 oz 5.25% Institutional Bleach Cartridge Refills
1 kit/cs
MLBC162102 Activate 5.25% Institutional Bleach Cartridge Refills, 11 oz 12 ea/cs




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